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heart care associates

Joyce Logan has consistently provided a high level of marketing and public relations services for HeartCare Associates over the years. She clearly understands our practice’s needs, and has been able to provide interactive social media aspects which allows our current and potential new patients to communicate with us and get to know our team, which is most important to us.

Joyce has produced fantastic results to promote our growing presence within the community from garnering us free TV appearances, website content, social media, writing our blogs, to creating numerous marketing materials. She highlights our commitment and successfully communicates with organizations in our community making them aware of our cutting edge technology and the values we bring to our patients for optimum health and wellness.

I highly recommend Joyce Logan for all your marketing and public relations needs. She is very dedicated, responsible and gets the job done!

Jack Hauser, M.D.
Founder, HeartCare Associates of CT, LLC

michael bolton

michael bolton

I’ve known Joyce Logan for over 25 years, and she has tremendously helped me in marketing, creating merchandise, publishing newsletters, managing my fan base while being the perfect liaison between the public and my management team.

Joyce has always demonstrated the ability to handle both routine and pressure situations with ease. Her honesty and sincerity have given me the confidence to trust her as an integral link to the public, the customers, which is most important to my career. She personifies Public Relations!

Anyone who is fortunate enough to work along with Joyce will soon find out that she puts her heart and soul into her work; while we all benefit the rewards.

michael bolton

chef silvio, cafe allegre & woodwinds

Joyce was brought into our business for a 90-day trial for public relations & marketing needs, and we’ve worked with her now for nearly 10 years! In my experience, Joyce is excellent at branding and has strong media ties nationwide, which gave us much exposure in all forms of media.

Her friendly, warm persona endeared her to the local community as well, garnering us awards from the various Chambers of Commerce, articles written about us in newspapers, magazines, online social media, and TV & Radio appearances. She put a “spotlight” on our companies with her grassroots, community involvement.

Joyce is a great representative for us at all meetings, allowing us more time attending to daily business, while she networks on our behalf, thereby keeping our name out there in a personal, positive way. She has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to our companies.

She is truly a team player who is intelligent, dependable, loyal, honest and very enthusiastic about projects furthering our company. Her creativity and excellent communication skills coupled with her likability makes us feel extremely fortunate to have her on-board!

Silvio Suppa, Cafe Allegre
Antonio Suppa, Woodwinds

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Tel: (203) 671-8403