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Social Media: Love it? Hate it? You need it!

social media

You may think that having a Twitter or Facebook account alone will garner the attention you need, and that is simply not true! Social media is only working for you if someone sees it and if your “friends” begin to “share” or “re-tweet” your message, which you hope will be “shared" by others to keep you rolling along. As soon as you post something, others are still posting too and you quickly get moved down the social media chain.

What’s the answer?
Social Media Package Websites are still very important and gives credibility to you or your business. If you have a website, you can tie that in with your social media from Twitter to a YouTube channel. You can then capture email addresses to inexpensively send out updates and newsletters to your list: Cross marketing will get you the attention you need and will also raise your head above the masses on the Google search chain! One source of social media alone will not bring you the results you desire to grow your business or to get your message out there!

Joyce Logan Marketing and KBW Designs work together to evaluate your website and social media presence. If you are not happy with your current website or do not have one; we can help you!
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We will work together and come up with the best social media package for you!

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