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Public Relations
What is Public Relations?

public relations

It's you! Your story - Your passion. We all watch it unfolding in our homes daily on 24 hour news channels; from the time you either turn on your TV or computer – bam! There's a heartfelt or tragic story playing out that you are compelled to read or watch. The media knows how to play a story up and get your attention, therefore, more views for them, their ratings go up and so do their prices to advertise on these shows.

This is what we will do together. Build and tell your story – a genuine story; one that people can relate to and not make it about selling something. We’ll put the spotlight on you and your work, your profession without making it sound commercial. Example; If you're an expert in making pizza dough and have the best dough, sauce, whatever, don't just put that in an ad; invite the press in to sample your pizzas with a great new topping made especially for them. Why will they come? Because every Tuesday you give your leftover breads, and a few of your pizzas to the community soup kitchen as it’s near and dear to your heart to serve people who are less fortunate than you or your customers. Now… you're building a story....and people will love you for it!

Let me make this very clear: The media does not care that you just opened your store, your office, or you have a YouTube show – there's a zillion of you out there and all they'll do is send an advertising representative your way with rate card in hand.

Together we can make your company, product, yourself, shine above everyone else's!

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