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About Joyce
Welcome to my personalized marketing company!

joyce logan

Hello! I’m Joyce Logan and I’ve been in the marketing and public relations whirlwind world for over 30 years and have seen what works and doesn’t; I’ll be your guide through this as I’ve already been your “guinea pig” for the highs and the lows and learned much through trial and error. I’ll steer you down the right path – the one that leads to greater success for your business or yourself in whatever endeavor you choose.

I started a company in 1983 that everyone told me NOT to do, and I do mean everyone. They all gave me reasons why it would fail, and I listened to them all, but, all I could feel was a burning desire to continue onward, and so I did! And, I’m glad I listened to my gut and didn’t let the fear of failure creep in. Basically, I was like a bumble bee that aerodynamically should not be able to fly, but someone forgot to tell them ‘cause I sure was flying around! That company lasted 20 years and fed my family and paid the bills! I created a business that made me the go-between for celebrities and their fans and had the privilege of working along with top recording artists like Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey, John Mellencamp, Carly Simon, Kenny G., Kenny Loggins, Ray Charles, Wilson Phillips, Backstreet Boys, and even sports legends like Andre Agassi, NBA All-Star Vin Baker, and many others.

I saw a need and filled it; it was pretty much that simple, yet, it was definitely the art of Public Relations and Relaxation Techniques that got me that gig!

I also earned a Metaphysical Philosophy from the American Institute of Holistic Theology in Youngstown, Ohio, and I’m a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a professional member of The National Guild of Hypnotherapy in New Hampshire. I worked along with psychotherapist and noted author, Jane Miller, who was a pioneer in the treatment of debilitating phobias and anxiety disorders. She was a TERRAP (acronym for territorial apprehension) “field-worker” founded by Dr. Arthur Hardy, and helped countless people overcome their anxieties by using relaxation methods allowing them to take control over their racing negative thoughts, thereby, stopping the adrenaline rush which caused them to experience panic attacks. Combining my business knowledge with relaxation techniques has been key in helping others to achieve their heart’s desires.

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